The fauna and flora of Antequera is very interesting.Most of the fauna comes from another place.
In the area of Antequera you will find authentic stunning places.
Snakes really cool and great but they are not dangerous at all.You can find these in lakes and resevoirs.There are many migratory birds and homosexual ducks!!!! that come in the spring and are worth seeing.In this place you must
be very attentive to see all the animals and plants.

Now here you have some of the animals and plants in this place:

It inhabits all types of wetlands (natural or artificial) regardless of their length, depth and degree of humanization. Nests away from the wetlands, crops or waste. You can also breed in trees. Fully occupies river channels.
external image mallard.jpg

VIPERINE WATER: The viperine snake is found in rivers and lakes in south western Europe and it also lives in north western Africa.This non-venomous, semi-aquatic, fish-eating snake was given its name due to behavioral and aesthetic similarities with sympatric adders species.
external image malpolon.jpg

AMERICAN FLAMINGO: It specializes in feeding in lakes with large concentrations of salt or alkaline.
external image phoenicopterus_ruber_american_flamingo_flamenco_shh6.jpg

TAMARISK: In wet soils and some salt: in the sands and coastal lagoons, along the rivers and streams.It blooms in spring, around March or April and summer.
external image TamariskN1a.jpg

SEA RUSH: This is a coastal plant found typically in salt marsh areas or like this one, in dune systems which are sprayed with the sea. It can grow to over 1 m in height and can be the tallest plant on the habitat.
external image juncus_maritimus_sea_rush.jpg
external image juncus_maritimus_sea_rush.jpg