In this groute you can visit the best restaurants of Málaga and the best Hotels .
This site is a quiet place to live where there is beach, fresh fish and local cuisine .


Escua: 2 stars .

H.Residencia Colon: 2stars .

Las villas de antikaria: 3 stars .

Hotel Antequera Golf .

Casa del Conde Pinofiel

Other type

Hostal Casa Paco: 1 star .

Hostal Las Palomas: 1 star .

Cortijo Sureco: Rural accomodation .

Hostal Colon: 1 star .

Hostal Cervera: 1 star .

Hostal Megias:1 star .

Cortijo Valverde: Rural accomodation

Point out the advantages and disadvantages of Las Villas de Antikaria .

Advantages - The recepcionist speaks in Spanish, English and German.There are 33 rooms available. There is easy access to Málaga.

Disadvantages - It is 45 km from Málaga The suite costs €170,65 for 10 days .

- Is a hotel cheaper than a hostal?

No , a hostel is cheaper than a hotel .


1.In this section you can view a list of restaurants, its address and type of food

At these restaurants you can taste the typical food of the area

Name: Restaurante Las viñas .

Type of food: Espesialises in roast meat and typical food of antequera .

Location: Ctra.Jerez - Cartagena,km 81 .

Name: La Carbonería .

Type of food: Espesialises in roast meat,pork,lamb,cured ham and cheese .

Location: Calle san Jose 6, Archidona .

Name: Mesón Restaurante Pañero .

Type of food: home-made food .

Location: C/Cuesta Zapateros, 15 .

Name: Venta gazpacho .

Type of food: Espesialises in crumb etc .

Location: 29200 .

Name: Espuela .

Type of food: Typical food .

Location: San Agustin 1, bajo 2 .